Upcoming Performances 

HEAVY MATTER  performed twice - Weston Olencki & Matt Barbier. The Lilypad. Cambridge, MA. [September 11, 2016]

DRIFT MATTER - ELISION Ensemble [S¸«±verine Ballon]. RMIT Gallery. Melbourne, Australia. [September 14, 2016]

HEAVY MATTER  - Matt Barbier. Automata. Los Angeles, CA. [September 18, 2016]

subsidence - ELISION Ensemble. RMIT Storey Hall. Melbourne, Australia. [September 21, 2016] world premiere

Uns-Apparatus - Brooklyn Brass Quintet. FONT Festival. The New School. New York. [September 23, 2016]

HEAVY MATTER - ELISION Ensemble [Ben Marks]. RMIT Gallery. Melbourne, Australia. [October 5, 2016]

WORLDEATER - RAGE THORMBONES. Harvard Music Building. Cambridge, MA. [October 22, 2016] world premiere

WORLDEATER - RAGE THORMBONES. Automata. Los Angeles, CA. [October 27, 2016]

RAW MATTER - Carlos Cordeiro. Holy Cross College. Worcester, MA. [November 1, 2016]

Mirror Stratum - Praesenz. NUMU. Baden, Germany. [November 11, 2016]

Glass Stratum - Sarah Saviet & Susanne Peters. HCMF. Huddersfield, UK. [November 21, 2016]

HEAVY MATTER - ELISION Ensemble (Ben Marks). Vojvodina Cultural Institute. Novi Sad, Serbia. [November 24, 2016]

subsidence - ELISION Ensemble. Moscow Art Theatre. Moscow, Russia. [November 28, 2016]

HEAVY MATTER - ELISION Ensemble (Ben Marks). Moscow Art Theatre. Moscow, Russia. [November 29, 2016]

subsidence & HEAVY MATTER  - ELISION Ensemble. Burgess Foundation. Manchester, UK. [December 2, 2016]

The Chain of the Spine - Faint Noise. Paine Hall. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA. [April 22, 2017] world premiere

traces that time leaves on built form - ensemble recherche. Ensemblehaus. Freiburg, Germany. [April 26, 2017]

your body is a volume - JACK Quartet. Wittener Tage f¸«är neue Kammermusik. Witten, Germany. [May 5-7, 2017] world premiere


New Works:

for chamber orchestra [commissioned by Ensemblekollektiv Berlin]

karst survey 
for seven instruments & electronics [commissioned by the [Switch~ Ensemble]]

for one lap slide guitar [two performers] [commissioned by the ELISION Ensemble]


Current Projects

for two trombonists [commissioned by RAGE THORMBONES]

your body is a volume 
for string quartet [commissioned by the Wittener Tage f¸«är neue Kammermusik for the JACK Quartet]

The Chain of the Spine 
for violin, contrabass recorder, and cardboard [written for Faint Noise]